Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sickness Switcheroo

As of late our family has done some sickness swapping. Garrett started vomiting at 2am on Friday and then continued vomiting throughout the entire day, nice. And then if that wasn't bad enough, he had other problems. Yeeah, that kind. So, we knew it had to be the F-L-U.
After an exhausting Friday, Saturday came, and baby was doing better- thank goodness! He was eating better, taking a bottle, eating food,etc. Then, it all started again! Uggh...
So, by this time, his schedule is completely off, way off. Dave had to work, so here I am with a sick baby watching Little People like it's going out of style and feeding him popsicles (pop-pops to him). So, my bright idea was that he wasn't eating it fast enough, so I helped him along without even thinking...yes, not smart, I know. It was one of those "I- forgot-he-was-sick-because- I'm-exausted" mistakes.
Fast forward to Sunday morning:

I woke up to give Garrett a bottle, Dave and I were talking about if I should go to church with the baby sick because of my class I didn't want to miss and just then, Garrett vomited up his whole bottle on Dave, me, the couch, and the rug. It was one of those surreal moments where you just sit there for a minute and think, did that really just happen to us?? It took me back to his acid reflux days- an entirely different story in itself, but I'm pretty sure my carpet still has faint spots where pools of formula sat...Umm..so back to the story. So I decided to not go and just to stay home, and started to feel queasy. Fast forward two hours and I have to lay flat or else I'll lose my lunch. I threw up so many times I can't even tell you. Uggh... Thankfully mine was 24 hrs. Garrett's was a continuing saga. I didn't know that kiddies can throw up one day, be fine the next, and then throw up the next day. You didn't either? Well, now you know. ;)
So, the last few days we have had him on a braty diet (bananas rice applesauce toast and yogurt) the yogurt we gave him was Yobaby, seriously the best yogurt with active cultures to cure the tummy troubles. He liked pedialyte for about a day, then started refusing it, so I had to get ingenious. This was seriously what I had to do: Turn on his beloved little people so he would have something to stare at, and then give him a lick of a popsicle and then a swig of pedialyte. Hey, it worked! And that's all that mattered to me... When he started getting smarter than that, we started telling him he could sip out of a big boy cup with (gasp) no lid!
And Dave, my poor, poor husband. THUS far has managed not to get it. Despite being puked on by Garrett and playing Mr. Mom to a sick boy on Sunday when I couldn't even stand up straight without losing the contents of my stomach. So, here's to hoping for a great SECOND half of the week. Hope yours is flu-free!! ;)

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