Friday, March 5, 2010

Popsicles and Pedialyte....and Cell Phones and Ciggies!!

My sweet boy woke up three times this morning throwing up! I woke up to him crying at 2 am and he threw up the bottle he had drank before up vomit at 2 am is what we Moms do through! Those of you who are pregnant or wanting to be this year, get ready! It comes with the territory...

Anyway, so Garrett has been acting otherwise normal, running around and getting into my cabinets, playing with toys,etc It takes a lot to bring a baby down. When we adults get a little cold, the whole world is going to end. To a baby though, their whole world ends if they don't get to play, who cares about being sick! So, for now, it's pedialyte, popsicles, and oyster crackers...what a lovely combination!

Hmm..what else is new? I found a christian hair dresser who is great at hair! Such a relief. I was going to someone who rushed when she did my highlights, and I always ended up feeling frustrated. God cares about even the smallest details of life! I am still working on waiting and trusting too. There have been some cute places that have popped up on this great property management's website, but we can't start looking until end of March, early April...uggh!

I just feel like if we don't, then we will get stuck here. I'm working on having a good attitude about our neighbors and their Grandson. They STILL cook and bang around in their kitchen late at night, and I'm pretty sure their Grandson is living with them now. He doesn't work, and he goes outside and smokes ciggies all day and talks on his cell phone. Who pays the cell phone bill and for his smoking habit?? Oh, I know, I know, none of my business! It's just that whenever I go out to the car to go anywhere with Garrett or Dave and I go somewhere he'll come out and want to thank you, that's kinda weird if you see a young Mom with her baby and you want to chat it up. I just politely smile and get in my car......sigh....Be nice, Rachel, be nice!!!


  1. oh Rachel! I understand what you're going through with your living arrangement. We've moved 5 times in the last 2.5 yrs and EVERY single time I felt exactly like you do right now. God knows your heart! Be encouraged, and I'll be praying!!