Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's been say the least!

So many things happening, where to start?

First, we are moving after out lease is up in June to another place around here. This is something we have been contemplating for awhile. Our utility bill is absolutely ridiculous for being 1100 sq feet, our neighbor's grandson sticks around their apartment talking on his cell phone and smoking ciggies all day, and (God love her) but our neighbor likes to cook in her kitchen at 12 or 1 in the morning...slightly annoying, especially if your bedroom is up against her kitchen...yeeah...I know!

Soooo, we now have the daunting task of finding a place, and have to give 60 days notice...uggh! It makes me so nervous giving a notice before we find a place, but if we don't, it'll be August before we me gusta!

You know what I've discovered is something I struggle with? Trusting God. Now, I know I am the only one that struggles with this, so just listen to my story. (haha) In all seriousness, I know we all to some degree struggle with this. I guess I am the type to say "God, I trust you. Now let me figure this out..." when all I need to do is trust and let God do all the work. It's not that I think he is incapable of it, or that I can do a better job. I think I get to much ahead in the process of waiting and jump the gun and try to have everything all worked out in my mind, when all I need to do is let go! Yikes..that's a scary thought, isn't it? The unknown is so..unknown. Profound thought, I know! ;) I am so happy God takes me where I am at and helps me along, holding my hand and lovingly helping me to realize that I can trust when I cannot see what's ahead. My sweet, sweet husband is a constant reminder of this as well.

My sweet boy is growing and changing so fast! He can say "ball" which comes out more like "bowl". haha He loves puppies and lions, he can tell you what a lion says (rooar!) He know what a star is and will say it, and he lets you know when he's done eating "done!" although Mama thinks that teaching him that is backfiring, because he says it halfway through the meal. ;) Whenever he wakes up from his nap or sleeping we find him jumping in his bed.ha He also loves baths and loves to fall backwards while sitting up in the scary b/c I always think he's going to bump his head! yikes. He loves giving "huggies" and squeals in delight at the sight of "Dada" coming through the door from work or school. I'll catch him on video someday and post it, it's hilarious!

My friend Anna was talking the other day about friends and such on her blog, and I thought I'd add to the subject. IS it just me, or at times does it feel like no one really knows the real you? Ok, let me explain this... I am the new person at a church's women's group, and I can't seem to break out of this persona of being shy even though I am not at all! It's kinda frustrating, it feels like no one really takes the time to get to know you, the real you. I think at times we tend to stay in our own little groups and not venture out to new people...has anyone else ever felt this way?? I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Just some thoughts, this is pretty long,and I need to do a sinkful of dishes...sigh

Good night blog world...

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