Saturday, May 15, 2010

All settled...crazy few weeks!

Garrett at the baby dedication with our good friends Eric and Cathy and their sweet boy Sam (who happens to be Garrett's best friend!)

Exhausted after getting a haircut

The new house furnished!!

Not quite done yet with the living room.

Dave made me promise not to put my kitchen island in the center! Oh well, there's much more space this way...

I'm buying curtains soon for this window in an ice blue color.
Not sure if you can see them, but I found these extra long runners (by the door) in a pretty black and tan scroll pattern at Kohls for $15 each! They are normally $80 a runner! Wow

Wow, what a crazy few weeks! We're all and and unpacked. We are really enjoying the extra space and Garrett loves his new room. You might have heard of the massive downpour/tornadoes we had down here on May 1st..yep, you guessed it, that was our moving date! We managed to get everything in without too much damage or scaped up stuff, although I'm still irritated that my 4 year old washer got a little scratched up...grr.
We have had a busy few days as well. Garrett got his first in salon haircut so Mommy could see how they cut it and then do it myself the next. He, of course, cried..lots of fun. The hairstylist wasn't too friendly, maybe she was hating life that she was the one available for a baby haircut..ha.Garrett has cut two more teeth on the bottom this week and has been such a cranky boy, for good reason. We have decided that since Garrett is almost 18 months old (already!?) and the fact that he hates his crib that it might be time for a toddler bed. We bought one yesterday and he loves it, although we will have to curb the jumping...oh dear.;) Garrett was dedicated at church along with some other babies, one of which was his best friend Sam. It was so cute to see a slideshow with all the babies.
We were going to go to Nashville for our 4 year anniversary, but since most of Nashville is under reconstruction due to the flooding after the big storms, we decided it would be more fun to spend our mini vacation around here and go do and see fun things around here. We're planning on taking Garrett to build a bear, out to eat, the Zoo,etc I'm looking forward to it!
It's hot here, 94 or higher all this week...would anyone like to trade temperatures??

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