Friday, April 9, 2010

Where the heart is........the new house!

Front of the house (I erased the,eh?)

My boys in the living room

The floors are a swirled stained concrete to look like pretty! The only thing is, we purchased carpet, so you won't see most of it. I bought the prettiest cranberry shag rigs for the livingroom! So nice! Above the stove area is going to be a built in gets mine off the counters and in storage!!

In the kitchen, to the right is the dining room area (near windows) I loved the recessed lighting.
I am putting these ice blue colored curtains (think more teal, I guess) with a patchwork rug that has blue, brown and tan in it..I love those colors right now!

From dining room area looking to kitchen. The hanging lights are going to be brought down, they have them chained so high.

So, as you can see, we did not move in yet, we do, however have permission to go whenever we want and check it out. It's going to look different once the appliances have been added,etc but this is what they have done so far. Three weeks until this place is ours! Now if I could just get packing....;) I didn't include pictures of the rooms yet because all you'd see is white wall..ha.More to come with moving mayhem!!!


  1. So excited for you what a beautiful house, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the kitchen

  2. Looks awesome!!! Happy packing/moving! How are you btw?!?!