Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You are for me.....

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I have always loved Psalm 139. It truly encompasses all aspects of our relationship with God, how he sees us from day one in our mother's womb and continues to have his eye on us as we grow and whatever we go through in life.
Psalm 139, I guess you could say, I have always thought to be my life verse. If I were to write something down expressing how I feel towards God, mine would be very similar. Even as a teenager I remember this verse was highlighted in my bible, the whole thing. I couldn't pick my favorite part about it because the whole chapter was my favorite.

We all go through the hard times in life. Times where we really question whether God is for us or not. Times where life has knocked the wind right out of us. These times can either move us away from God, or set us running towards him.
The song "You Are for Me" speaks so deeply to my heart right now. I'm not going through some major time of questioning God, or even going through any major time in my life right now, but I know life is hard. Without God I'm not sure how anyone makes it through even the easy days of life. The easy days are the days when no one in your family is sick, when the job is going great, when all your friends and family are happy with you, when life can't seem to get much better.
Then, we have all experienced the times where trials stop you dead in your tracks. Those times where you feel like you have been hit without warning, knocked down and unable to get up.
Those Job times in life.
No, they're not fun. They hurt. You wish that you could fast forward through it to see how it'll end up later on. These are the times when you question whether God is really for you, really there in the midst of it all. He is..... He's there in the background, holding our hands and taking us through the trial and not removing us from it. We wish he would just totally remove us from them, but where would the depth in our relationship with him come from? Going through that trial no matter how long it is makes us rely soely on him and not our own abilities to get past it.
I love the part in the song that says "I know that you have come now even if to write upon my heart, to remind me of who you are". We all need those times to stop and remember that he is for us and not against us. To truly understand that nothing we have, are currently, or will face has come to us without going through God first. Those times of revelation where we at one moment come to the realization he gets it, completely and fully.
If I can give any encouragement to you if you are going through any sort of trial, big or small, cling to God. Instead of pushing him away and trying to figure it out all on your own or letting it make you bitter, give him all the broken peices and watch him make something beautiful of it. We so oftentimes choose to try to carry around our broken peices. The load is just too large so we keep picking up peices that we have dropped, trying to carry them through life.
I dare you.
Give them all to him. I can't guarantee it will be easy, but I can guarantee that his hands are big enough to carry it all. He is for us. He is able to take the ugliest parts of our lives and turn them into something more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.

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