Monday, September 13, 2010

20 months old!

It's hard to believe that 20 months ago Garrett came into this world. I told his Daddy yesterday there were two things that I noticed right away when he was placed into my arms: he had teeny tiny bright red lips, and had my nose! We have seen him grow from a 5 lb 2 0z premie into a 27lb 20 month old! I am constantly amazed when I look at him and think how fast those 20 months went. Their first year really does fly by, and I'm sure it seems like it goes much quicker as they get older. I joke with Dave sometimes and say, "Before you know it he'll be going off to college!". He has changed so much, here are some of the things he does:

1) He LOVES to climb on the furniture, he uses his chair to boost himself up onto the couch.

2) He is starting to FINALLY (sigh) like fruits! Vegetables have never been a problem, but he has not liked fruits. If you can figure that one out, let me know. ;)

3) He recently has had all the rest of his baby teeth pop through at once. Before that, he only had eight....let's just say he's been the tiniest bit crabby...okay, VERY crabby. He has taken it like a champ though, that's a lot of teeth at once. ;(
4) He loves to go to Shelby Farms ( a park near our house) and pet the horses. He is NOT AT ALL afraid of them. They absolutely love him too...they stick their heads through the gate to take a look at this tiny person trying to pet them..and sometimes trying to get in their corral
Maybe we'll get him a horse someday when we have some land..

5) He also loves puppies and kittens. He loves saying their sounds and loves petting them. His fav. movie right now is Milo and Otis. He goes wild when we put it on for him.
6) He is in size 4 diaper and 18 month clothes. He is still in the 50th for weight and 30th for height. Because of this, I was able to buy ahead for all of his winter clothes. I love that he's a shortstack.
7)He is so loving, always giving us hugs and kisses. I'm betting that he will shower this baby with hugs and kisses..which I will watch slowly to make sure the hugs and kisses aren't overwhelming for the new baby!

8) He loves puzzles. We got him some 2+ ones and he loves putting the pieces where they belong. He also loves reading with Mommy and Daddy and also coloring pages of his coloring book (and eating the crayons...ha) He has recently discovered playdoh.

9) Lastly, he is a total ham! He loves for people to take notice of him in the store. He loves being the center of attention...

We can't believe he is 20 months already! His second birthday is right around the corner! We love you so much big boy!

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  1. It's so great that you wrote all this stuff down! I was thinking I should blog just to keep track of what the kiddos are doing!!