Saturday, February 6, 2010


"Ma, what is this stuff?"
Mama and her baby boy *Notice the camera case in the snow, oops!

Getting his first taste of snow, not liking it too much!

Isn't this man such a hottie? ;)

Ok, ok, here's a confession..I am terrible in keeping up with this blog. Um yeah, not too hard to realize that when you see the large gaps in between posts. I do have, however an excuse for my absence.I had bronchitis with a fever for 3 days straight, then the days that followed consisted of more coughing like a smoker..THEN a week sweet husband Dave got sick! Craziness. I was so afraid I was going to give Garrett bronchitis, which, thankfully, I didn't, and then Dave started feeling feverish and nauseous. We had a few days of reprieve from me being sick before he got a bug. I went into germiphobe mode and wouldn't let him near the baby for fear he'd pass something off on him. Thankfully, it seemed to be only a 24 hr bug, and after some cleaning door knobs and bathroom with alcohol..I felt better. (umm yeah, can you tell I googled how to keep a flu bug from spreading?)

We had an ice storm here last Sunday, which thankfully didn't knock out power, but sure made all of us Southerners (I can say that now that I've been here for 2 years! ha) run to the store for fear that a blizzard was a'comin, er...maybe not even an inch on the ground and some black ice, but you would've thought it was a blizzard!! Our church didn't have a service, which I was bummed about since I had missed last week as well. Our women's class is doing a Beth Moore study..really good. I am also in a mid-week bible study called "Me, Myself, and Lies" by Jennifer Rothschild, which is so good and so eye-opening! It's all about the lies we tell ourselves and how our thinking has to change in order for us to stop believing these lies the enemy put in our heads. Wow. Enlightening, really.

I am so ready for winter to be over, and here it starts getting warm in April, so not much longer. I'm already thinking of summer sandals I want and getting out my summer clothes. SIGH

We have more snow on the ground as of this morning...Garrett woke me up at 7 sharp (sigh) and I went to go change his diaper and get him some milk, and Dave was still home! Dave is usually gone on Mondays for the whole day, so I was pleasantly surprised to see him. I asked him why he was still home, and he told me to look out the window...white snow was coming down and had already covered the ground. You would've thought it was 10 inches with how the news was acting like this was quite a big development..hahaha. Well, here's to another snow day, we're taking the baby out to play in the snow after his morning nap! Here's a video of my boy dancing to Little People. He LOVES to dance, and loves this one song they sing about saying thank you. I caught him one time because it was so cute, and he does this all the time to this particular song. You'll hear my laughing in the background, it's just too cute! * Remember to pause the music player at the bottom of the blog!


  1. what a cute little man you have... such a mix of the two of you!! Yes time goes by super fast... Can you believe that Abby starts homeschooling this year... frecky hey?
    p.s. for your information... #4 will come in his/her time (like 4 years time) hahaha. But then again we don't plan things really well... haha

  2. Hey Rachel!

    Just came across your blog through Micheles :) Your little boy is getting so big! He is so precious! Hope your well.


  3. Love the layout! I'm so sorry to hear that you guys were sick...that stinks! It looks like you got more snow than we did:) Garrett is so cute! He looks like you could just squeeze him...! Hope you're doing well...wish we coulda had hot chocolate & "fire toasted" coconut during the storm! Hehehe!