Wednesday, January 6, 2010

3 days until he's 1!

I can't believe my sweet boy will turn 1 soon! This time last year I was thinking I still had a month, but for some odd reason I accomplished a lot in the week before he was born. God only knew! I actually packed my bag, got rid of my dog (the smartest thing we did) and bought a Medela system (so worth the money,by the way!)
About this time last year I started noticing I had what I thought to be Braxton Hicks contractions...ha! I was in actual labor and didn't realize! Dave started getting nervous when I told him I wasn't sure what I was feeling, and packed the bags and had them ready to go. I called my Doctor, and he told me "No, you're not in labor"...ahem, guess who was right? ;) We watched "Walk the Line" and I was feeling weird pains throughout the entire movie. Little did I know a sweet boy was about to make his entrance...
Birthday post to Garrett coming soon!

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  1. aww, haha! I love your comment :) thanks hun for the pleasant reminders! lol