Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...everywhere you go

Wow, we're getting down to the wire! I have a confession to make...

I haven't mailed off my packages yet.

I know, I know! It's bad. I still have to wrap the gifts today and then run them over to the post office tomorrow. It's just been hectic with a baby even going out to get Christmas gifts. It may seem simple, but if you are trying to go inbetween nap times and feedings, it can be difficult! Can anyone else attest to that? It's rough!

I surprised myself at my ability to get out my Christmas cards on time. I got them out before the Christmas rush..I didn't even think about the fact that there was a mail delay leading up to Christmas, I just googled Christmas card ettiquette for sending them out. (Yes, I google just about everything..but that's a different story!)

I still need to get cracking on christmas cookies. I held off because it's always so tempting to eat a million cookies when you start baking, and that's where I got into trouble last year. Now, mind you, I am 125 currently, and normally. The thing is, this time last year I was pregnant with Garrett. I made cookies and pies and cakes (nesting instincts, I suppose) but I gained 7 or 8 pounds in one month (You are only supposed to gain 4 in a month..supposedly). My OB Doctor, being a man and choosing his words very tactfully said "You better watch it!". Gee, thanks Doc..I already felt like an inflated balloon!

What else did I need to do???

Oh yeah, actually put up the Christmas tree..which is something I have to remind Dave of. I think we are delaying not only because of his work schedule, but because we have a teeny boy who will probably just rip ornaments off the tree. Maybe a tabletop tree would be best next year, we'll see.

We gave Garrett one of his gifts early. It's a little push and ride racer, so incredibly cute and so needed for his stage og almost walking. He loves it. We probably should've waited to give it to him until Christmas, but we couldn't! We are the type of people who always have told each other what we got for the other before Christmas even came. Bad, I know...

Here comes the Christmas busyness..this week is pretty full and then, of course, so is next week!

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  1. Love the push and ride racer...Abby was given something similar to that too. I tried the caramel brulee drink last night per your recommendation. I give it two thumbs up...very warm and tasty. :)